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Presto Espresso Blend - Coffee Beans 1KG -

A blend of beans originating from the high altitude regions of Latin America. Our award-winning house Italian blend is a customer favourite. The beans exude delicious, rich chocolate undertones tempered by a touch of fruity sweetness with a hazelnut finish.

Strength - 4/6 

Tasting Notes - Dark Chocolate and Almonds

Roast Profile - Espresso/Filter/Cafetiere

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Presto Espresso Coffee Beans - Refillable Coffee Bean Tin - 227g
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About the Coffee

Sourced from the mountains of the Mogiana, Brazil. This high altitude region is renowned for its delicious tasting, well-rounded arabica beans.

It’s important for us to not only produce great tasting coffee but we make it a priority to ensure that every blend we produce is ethically sourced and sustainably produced. Our team have nurtured, deep-rooted relationships with every farm. We only work with the best coffee farmers who love what they do. Every coffee bean is hand-selected ourselves to ensure every Presto cup tastes as delicious as the last. We know how important it is to enjoy every sip with a clean conscience.

Rich Espresso Blend

Enjoy luxury barista coffee from your own home. Our Great Taste Award-winning Espresso beans are smooth and bursting with flavour. This Italian Espresso Blend is a is our best-seller. Boasting flavours of dark chocolate and sweet hazelnut and caramel notes, this coffee blend is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser for all coffee lovers.

After a rigorous coffee tasting and experimenting with different blends, our expert coffee roasters were over the moon when we finally produced this perfect roast. As one of the highest-rated coffee blends on the market, we know our customers love our coffee as much as we do.

The Perfect Brew, Every Time.

Our Italian Espresso Blend works for almost any coffee type. From a strong, Italian style Espresso (it’s in the name!), to an indulgent creamy latte. We can guarantee delicious tasting coffee however you enjoy yours.

These beans work perfectly in a bean to cup machine or can be ground to work as a filter coffee, a V60 drip or a cafetiere.