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Our Purpose

Our Story
A little bit about us

In 2018, after working closely with food and drink brands for most of his career, James founded Presto. His love for coffee and his passion for the environment fuelled his drive to start a brand centred around this ethos. 

For us, coffee means more than a morning energy boost (although, we do enjoy that very frequently too). We view coffee as a ritual to be enjoyed with friends and family, it's time shared which will be cherished in years to come.

where it all began

My love for coffee began when I was fairly young. From the age of six, my dad would make me a cup of coffee in the early hours of the morning before heading off to work for the week. Sat at the kitchen counter, we would both enjoy each others company over a delicious hot beverage. This tradition was continued until I left home, and will be a memory i will always cherish.

It has been these moments that have inspired me to work in an industry I love. The idea that individuals from all around the world are sharing these special exchanges with loved ones over a cup of Presto coffee is the reason I got into coffee roasting.

our coffee

We pride ourselves on our delicious taste and range of popular blends. All our coffee is roasted in small batches to optimise flavour and ensure perfection in each roast.

It's important for us to have nurtured, deep-rooted relationships with every farm. We only work with the best coffee farmers who love what they do. Every coffee bean is hand-selected ourselves to ensure every Presto cup tastes as delicious as the last.

We know coffee and want you to enjoy every sip.


Sustainability is at the heart of our mission at Presto. From ethically sourcing coffee beans to using environmentally friendly packaging, we promise to be consistently striving to improve our business' impact on the environment and reduce our carbon footprint.

Our goal is to offer delicious tasting coffee that doesn't cost the earth. We want our customers to be able to savour and enjoy every Presto cup of coffee with a clear conscience.