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House Death Wish Blend - Beans 1KG -

These potent dark-roasted Robusta coffee beans are bursting with high levels of caffeine. The beans have more than double the amount of caffeine of a standard cup of coffee without tasting bitter or acidic. Enjoy an earthy aromatic brew boasting dark chocolate undertones and soft cranberry notes.

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Presto Coffee Beans – Cafè Crema - Medium/Dark - 1KG
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Sustainably Sourced. Freshly Roasted.

We pride ourselves on the freshness of our coffee. Our state of the art roastery, not only offers the most sustainable roasting methods, but also means we can roast and deliver our coffee to your door in as little time as 48 hours.

Ethically Sourced

From high altitude regions across the world.

Roasted in the UK

Proud to be supporting the UK coffee industry by roasted every bean in the UK.


Quick and free delivery in specially design boxes to keep your beans safe.


From £0.09 per cup. (£0.07 Subscribe and Save).

Why Presto?

And much more...

Shipped, not flown
Free delivery
Grown in high altitude regions
1 year shelf life
Ethically sourced
Roasted in the UK
18 hour delivery
Top rated on Amazon
GMO free
Recyclable packaging
Offsetting emissions
Slow roasted
Sealed for freshness

For us, it’s always been about the customer. Our goal is to provide the best tasting, freshest coffee possible to be delivered straight to your door.

A 1Kg bag of beans takes about 12 minutes to roast, reaching temperatures between 180 & 220 degrees C. From the second it leaves the roasting oven, we start the timer. Within an hour the bags are sealed shut and start to gradually cool down. Our specially designed packs include a valve which allows the coffee to breathe, ensuring the aromatic flavours are best kept. Then we ship them out all over the world, so customers can enjoy their beans at the peak freshness. We recommend leaving coffee for 4-5 days to naturally breathe and to let the gases from roasting escape. This is the best way to ensure a delicious cup of coffee.
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Top rated on Amazon

All of our beans come from 100% ethical and sustainable sources. Our main coffee farm is based in the mountains in the Mogiana region in Brazil. This high altitude region is renowned for its delicious tasting, well-rounded beans. These beans are in each of our blends, as well as great tasting beans from other high altitude regions across the globe. Our expert coffee roaster works hard to create cups of coffee that are smooth, delicious and sustainable.

Coffee sourced from high altitude regions

It's important for us to have nurtured, deep-rooted relationships with every farm. We only work with the best coffee farmers who love what they do. Every coffee bean is hand-selected ourselves to ensure every Presto cup tastes as delicious as the last. We know coffee and want you to enjoy every sip.
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Minimum environmental impact. 100% Roasted in the UK.

Sustainability is at the heart of our mission at Presto. From ethically sourcing coffee beans to using environmentally friendly roasting processes, we promise to be consistently striving to improve our business' impact on the environment and reduce our carbon footprint. Our goal is to offer delicious tasting coffee that doesn't cost the earth. We want our customers to be able to savour and enjoy every Presto cup of coffee with a clear conscience.