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Cold Brew Coffee Bags


Summer is here! Enjoy the refreshing taste of our freshly roasted coffee in these easy-brew, Rainforest Alliance certified coffee bags. We use our favourite Brazilian Mogiana Arabica which gives a smooth, mellow chocolatey coffee with a hint of cinnamon and biscuit all of which combine to make this a perfect coffee for cold brew.  


Our cold brew coffee bags can be made at home or on the go.


In a hurry? We recommend adding 1 cold brew coffee bag to 250ml of cold water, stir continuously (also squeezing the coffee bag) and taste until you're happy with the flavour (5-10 mins).  When done add a few ice cubes, milk and sugar to your preference. 


Got time? For the best results we recommend making your cold brew overnight.  Use 1 cold brew coffee bag to roughly 100ml of water. Add the cold brew coffee bags and the water to a french press (use the plunger to make sure the bags don't float) and leave overnight in the fridge for the best results. The next day decant to another vessel and your cold brew will be good to keep for up to a week. 



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