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Since Day One, Coffee's Bean Our Passion.

But the passion that makes a good cup of coffee runs deeper. It is the magic made when the coffee is premium quality, sustainably and ethically sourced. And that’s exactly what we channel into every Presto package.

From the farm to your door we impress coffee lovers with the freshest artisan blends right to your cup.
We know coffee and want you to know it, too.

We’ve done it all.

I’m James the founder of Presto Coffee and this is my good friend, Derek. And when it comes to coffee, we’ve done it all.

We’ve traipsed the jungles of El Salvador and sifted Guatemalan soil through our fingers. All to find the best quality bean for our customers.
We’re proud to be on the ground, working with our farmers. Each product we sell we know exactly where the coffee has come from, which boat it arrived in on and which hessian sack was emptied into the roaster at what time. We're coffee obsessed.

We’ve harvested, washed and roasted and tasted again and again and again our #1 bean. We have spent 23 years developing a bean that customers love.

We’ve seen it all.

We’ve supported start-ups and manned cafés, wiped counters, corked Grindmasters and stoked Bunns.

Then we acted

We’ve lifted the veil, peered behind and have seen what’s missing.     So in 2017, we did something about it.....

The Presto Method

Presto is a project of passion. Our failures have kept us humble and our successes have assured our vision. 

We work with the farmers across the globe who wash, clean, dry, process and roast our beans and send them out the same or very next day.

We’re sticking it to the enterprises who sell bitter, stale coffee and value profit margins over fair pay and highest quality of life for the farmers and workers who make this all possible.

We're also on an environmental mission. We want to become the worlds most sustainable coffee brand. Our roastery is the most environmental in the United Kingdom, funnelling the roasted emissions through pipes in the roastery to keep everyone warm. Our packaging is changing, becoming more recyclable and biodegradable. Give us time. We'll get there.

And of course, we welcome and encourage your honest feedback. It’s how we continue to innovate and provide only the greatest grinds. Let us know what you thought of your latest Presto package.

The Values That Keep Us Grinding


We celebrate our farming families who’ve spent generations mastering their craft for us.

We are motivated by all the people we have met who live and breathe great coffee and we want to inspire you too. When our coffee arrives on your doorstep we want you to experience the journey and story of Presto.

We ensure they’re paid a great price and actively help preserve the regions they call home. It’s their story we savour in every Presto cup.


We only go where the best beans are.

We have nurtured deep-rooted relationships with every farm, its geographical location and elevation.

We’re very picky and only document the path of the best beans to your pot, handling them ourselves to ensure every Presto cup feeds your inner explorer.

Rich, silky, whole bean, freshly ground; no matter what you want, it's all on us. There's nothing better than the smell, taste and feel of Presto cup of coffee.