House Brazilian Blend - Coffee Beans 1KG

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These coffee beans are vibrant exciting and delicious. Dark chocolate and caramel flavours are complemented by bright fresh nuts. The sweetness will remind you of a warm dark chocolate bar with a silky mouthfeel adding to a fantastic full rounded silliness. 

With specialty coffee taking off in the last years, gone are the days of settling for foot sole tasting decaf options. Low-caf is now a much better option than it used to be, with reputable coffee brands such as Presto Coffee, 1650 Colombian Coffee Beans and Presto House Brazilian Blend Bulk Coffee Beans all producing high-quality, safely processed House Brazilian Blend coffee beans.

We are proud to bring you Presto Artisan Coffee, a simply delicious blend of Arabica coffee beans roasted slowly and gently to infuse and bring our their natural flavours

A blend of high grown Arabica coffees expertly blended in small batches and freshly roasted to deliver an elegant coffee very much in the style of Northern Italy. Rich and indulgent with notes of almond and dark cocoa this coffee is perfect for any special occasion.

Presto roasts its beans in state of the art computer-based tumblers, electrically controlling the temperature and roasting times, while at the same time reducing environmental impacts and saving time. We have ground our beans so form an Omni base meaning that our ground coffee can be used in cafetieres, drop filters or any espresso machines, that's handy!

What are you waiting for? With father's day coming up this is the perfect mens gift. If you're looking for gifts for men, look no further! .

Customer Reviews

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great coffee

The coffee smells already during the unpacking more than good.

Great coffee

Lightly roasted, we have it usually as filter coffee, works great.

The Coffee taste us

Before cooking, the coffee is freshly ground and brewed with a manual filter. He has low acidity. The coffee tastes us. Just try it out

Top Coffee

Very good coffee balanced aroma, subtle acidity. Ideal for filter coffee.

Mellow easy drinking

Mellow taste. Great taste for a Decaff. Very easy drinking.Thanks Presto for the Fresh Coffee Beans.


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  • Are the beans Freshly Roasted?

    Hey there, 

    Yes, they are! They are freshly roasted and then delivered to you the very next day. 

    Any more questions please email us. 

    Thanks again! Presto Coffee.

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