Presto House Brazilian Blend Bulk Coffee Beans (6 x 1kg)

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  • COFFEE BEANS - With a rich and full body, our Artisan coffee beans deliver smooth and subtle undertones of Almonds and Cocoa. We've married science and sensibility by using state of the art computers to control the roast, brewing only one batch at a time to ensure the perfect medium roast.
  • WHY WOULD YOU BLEND COFFEE - Blending is done for a multitude of reasons, and commercially it can be a strategy by a coffee roaster. This might be to meet a certain price point more easily without sacrificing available flavor, or could be to meet specific quantity requirements for their production more easily.
  • THE PERFECT COFFEE - Whether using a standard coffee machine, French press, or aeropress, our Italian espresso blend of premium quality 100% Arabica coffee beans sourced from Brazil are sure to delight your taste buds.
  • OUR ESPRESSO COFFEE A TASTE OF LUXURY - We've searched far and wide to bring you the most delectable and rich coffee beans mother Earth has to offer. Each batch of our beans are slowly roasted to ensure perfection and then they're ground patiently and gently, making them ideal for any coffee lover.
  • COFFEE BEANS 1KG FRESHLY ROASTED IN THE UK - We at Presto want each of our customers to partake in this new coffee experience. Each bag of our coffee beans is bursting with flavor and freshness. We also only use fair trade, ethically sourced beans for our blend.
  • PRESTO'S REMARKABLE FLAVOR GUARANTEE - We're so confident that you'll instantly fall in love with our 100% Arabica blend, medium roast coffee beans, that if for any reason you're not satisfied, we're offering a full replacement or refund warranty to each of our customers.

Customer Reviews

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Lovely Coffee, Great value for money

I really enjoy this coffee. I drink my coffee black and prefer coffee that is not over roasted/bitter. This is perfect for me, light and full of flavour, and best of all, I bought it on an amazing priced lighting deal!

Most flavoursome and smooth decaf coffee I've ever tasted

So, there was a slight mix up with the order and I ended up with a decaff coffee but I'm so glad I got this pack as it is the best coffee I've tasted in a long time and probably best tasting I've ever made.

Good coffe for early mornings

I bought a huge pack of it while it was on promo based on reviews only, and have no regrets. Great value for money. I used to buy Lavazza for a long time, tried a couple more in this price range and this one tastes better, in my opinion. Now I drink it every morning (I use aeropress for brewing) and really enjoy it. Would definitely recommend it

Very solid roast!

Efficent delivery and good beans. I've used them for a pour over, french press & espresso and they perform well for all, favourite was the pour over.

Great taste and smell of coffee.

Great tasting coffee and the kitchen always has a great smell of coffee. I've tried several beans before with my wife but we've now settled with Presto.


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