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Carbon - Santra Barbara Signature Espresso Coffee Beans - 900g

A deliciously smooth blend of beans, cultivated in the high altitude regions of Santa Barbara, Honduras and Mogiana, Brazil. These beans are wonderfully rich, with notes of dark chocolate and roasted pecans finished with a soft, well-balanced fruity finish. Grown by specially selected producers such as the Coagricsal Cooperative, our coffee supports their charitable initiatives helping develop local communities, schools, water management, reforestation and more. 

Grown in:

Santa Barbara, Honduras & Morgiana, Brazil

Hints of:

Dark Chocolate & fruit

Roast Profile:


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Customer Reviews

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High Quality Espresso with a deep rich nutty flavour

I have been drinking coffee for many years. I have made espresso from many roasters in the UK and beyond. I have tried light roasts, dark roasts & medium roasts. Made with the correct brew profile, I have found that Presto Santra Barbara Signature Espresso beans are high quality with an excellent deep flavour. This is so good that there is no bitterness or harshness. It is very rich and smooth cut with milk for a Flat White.


This is a splendid coffee, full of flavour and subtlety. Normally I am not a fan of coffees from this part of the world but Santa Barbara has completely confounded my prejudices. My only quibble is the name: CARBON doesn't for me sum up what I think Presto is trying to achieve with it!

Espresso beans

Excellent crema and rich flavour. I've ordered another pack!

Delicious! Never produces a bad cuppa

I've had my Sage Barista Pro for almost a year now and I've been puchasing a multitide of beans, experimenting and honing in my brewing techniques and after purchasing these Carbon beans on initial release I've never looked back. It's my go to now for my everyday morning work brew, it's just delicious. I've brewed some bad cups, method wise, but no matter how bad I've brewed this it's always been tasty and drinkable.

Great flavour coffee

This coffee is a bit darker roast than I usually have but the advantage is that you don’t need so much of it. So it’s actually quite economical. Recommended.