Great Coffee - Good taste and strength

Being an IT guy who's worked for over 25 years in Software development, coffee is something that is mandatory for me to be able to interact with the buffoons I need to deal with on a daily basis.
I have a press at work and for the last 6 odd years have started buying quality coffee in either grain or bean form and the difference is tenfold when compared to regular office tat that comes out of machines.

I’ve tried Illy, Spiller and Tait to name a few, and thought I would give Presto a go. I was toying with the grains but opted for the beans for the initial try. The aroma from the beans alone is lovely, and when you grind it you get a lovely whiff of what you are about to consume, and it’s the liquid equivalent of bacon scent wafting past your nose in the morning.

The strength is good, I only drink stronger coffee and never bother with a low strength, however the (apparently) new strength of this coffee is good enough. I am NOT a fan of too much of a cocoa taste on my coffee and so was unsure of how I would feel about this, but thankfully the hit is very slight and it’s more aromatic so I was not disappointed with this.

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