Percol Coffee bags review

Brand Percol coffee bags lets you enjoy your cup of coffee without the fuss, they are easy to use just like the tea bags we all know. The coffee bags come in a box that is recyclable and the individual bags are packed in plant-based home compostable packaging so our customers don't have to worry about their carbon emissions.

Who owns Percol coffee?

Brand Percol coffee is the creation of Brian Chapman who is also the director of Food Brands Group. He created the brand in 1987.

A brief history of Percol

Percol was the first coffee brand to achieve Fairtrade certification in 2003 and also the first coffee brand to use single origin and single estate bean. This then led to more awareness about the provenance and characteristics of other coffees. By 2007 the company was worth ten million pounds.

Percol coffee

Percol coffee was the first ground coffee brand to be Fairtrade certified, and it is from organic and single-origin beans. It is plastic-free and packed in recyclable material. Percol coffee comes in jars that are slim and practical. Each time you open the jar, you release an aroma that every coffee lover craves in the morning.

What do Percol coffee bags taste like

Picked by hand and freshly roasted in the United Kingdom the ground coffee has a rich taste and aromas meant for every customer.

What Coffee Bags does Percol do?


This smooth Colombian coffee gives each customer a feel of subtle nuttiness in each sip. The ingredients? 100% roasted coffee guaranteeing you a cup that's delightfully full of 100% Arabica beans and smoothness that comes in a plastic-free pack.


With this blend of Central and South American beans, you'll taste ground coffee delightfully full-bodied and rich for every occasion. The Americano is 40% Rainforest Alliance certified and is a blend of Arabica and Robusta. Taste a cup of the Americano and you're ready to start your day.


Our third flavour is suitable for vegetarians and customers looking for that kick first thing in the morning. The espresso coffee is another fairtrade product with rich dark chocolate notes and an intense blend of Arabica and Robusta.

What Coffee Bags does Presto Coffee do?

Made with freshly ground Presto coffee, our bags are ideal for coffee lovers on the go. Available in Smooth Italian Bags, Intense coffee Bags, and Decaf coffee Bags, our bags are the perfect way to enjoy a quality cup of coffee. All our coffee is roasted by hand in small batches to ensure optimum flavour and perfection in each roast.

Presto coffee is renowned for its delicious taste and range of popular blends. By purchasing Presto Coffee's Bags, you contribute to our Rainforest Alliance NGO and actively support our mission to conserve the rainforest and support the coffee-growing communities.


Is Percol Coffee Organic

All Percol's grounds and beans are organic, bar the Delicious Decaf. In addition, the entire iced coffee range is organic, as well as our rich roast instant coffee and coffee bags.

Is the Percol coffee packaging really compostable or biodegradable?

The first thing you’ll see on the Percol coffee packaging is the plastic-free logo.

Why plastic-free packaging?

Plastic packaging is wasteful and impacts the earth's ecosystem and causes harm to humans, animals, and plants through toxic pollutants. It takes several years for plastic to fully break down so the effects are long term. Buying items with plastic-free packaging is the best way to save the earth's ecosystem and Brand Percol is helping lead in that direction.

What’s the difference between biodegradable and compostable?

These two terms are used interchangeable to describe different processes that curb consumer waste. Compostable products are biodegradable but not all biodegradable items are compostable. An obvious difference between the two terms is that biodegradable items can break down into few elements, while compostable items leave humus behind, which is a single organic material.

All biodegradable items are disintegrated into natural elements (such as carbon dioxide) with the help of other biological processes. Products that are said to be biodegradable must turn into organic matter, they take several months to break down but that’s better when compared to synthetic products that take nearly forever to decompose. Biodegradable products are good for the environment.

Where can people buy Percol coffee?

If you do your shopping online you can find a stock of Percol coffee on amazon and other online stores. You can buy the Americano 10 bags pack at the price of £3.49

Why are Percol coffee bags a big thing right now?

If you live your life on the go then you need the convenience that comes with making the strong best cup of coffee without the fuss. With easy to make directions, plastic-free bags at an affordable price these are ones to consider.

Are Percol coffee bags worth spending money on?

These coffee bags take away all the fuss of making coffee from loose grounds. They contain coffee that’s been ground down from whole coffee beans and added straight to the bag without adding or removing anything from them. This lets you enjoy the strong cup of coffee you desire without putting much work into it.

What's good about Percol coffee bags?

Every bag is specially packed to lock in the flavour, rich taste, and aroma so every customer can taste strength and convenience in a cup. And to get the best experience the directions are easy; just add the coffee bag to the mug, fill with freshly boiled water, stir, leave to brew for 3-4 minutes, squeeze your bag with a spoon and taste the richness.

What are Coffee Bags? Everything You Need To Know!


Coffee bags are basically tea bags, but instead of tea they have freshly ground coffee instead. That means that with coffee bags, you get all the flavour of freshly roasted coffee, but in an easy to use, no mess format. We find that they are as convenient as instant coffee, but with the fresh flavour you’d expect from using a cafetiere or pour-over. 


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